Rob and I came to SDCF for two reasons: 1.) To work towards a more active lifestyle; and 2.) to do something together that would impact our relationship in a positive way. We immediately met several couples that were a part of the SDCF family and they shared their success stories with us. We met awesome athletes that motivated us and have helped us along the way. We have become so competitive with ourselves and have seen amazing changes in our bodies. We are stronger, faster, much more toned, and follow a healthier diet. Now my teenager has joined the fun and is on the way to becoming a great CrossFit athlete. We are a CrossFit family! Rob is a former Marine, and is now in the USAF. The intense WODs have helped him keep up with the USAF physical requirements. For me, the intense exercise was scary and felt impossible at times. Thanks to the SDCF Coaches that took the time to work with me one on one, I have made huge improvements and have participated in three competitions.
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It’s been 1 year since I started my Crossfit journey and already it has made a lifetime’s worth of a difference. Aside from the physical changes I’ve seen (over 70 pounds lost and the loss a myriad of health problems), I experienced personal change as well. I have learned dedication, the importance of hard work and gained a confidence I never had before. I now know the pain of smashing my shin on a box, the sting of an ab mat butt rash and the failure of every muscle after a WOD like Murph. I look forward to so much more and am so thankful to SouthDade Crossfit for facilitating this change!

I’ve been crossfitting for 3 months and I am completely addicted! This is the perfect way to jump start a healthy lifestyle. The coaches are amazing and keep me focused during workouts. I love the sense of a family when I work out! So far, these are my results, and I will keep working at it! :)))

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SDCF has changed my life in so many ways. When I first started, I felt it was hard; but then little by little I started feeling stronger, faster and getting in better shape. Now, I’m really happy to be part of this box and consider myself part of a great family of crossfitters that day by day challenge themselves through tough workouts without giving up! Your mind will give up 100 times before your body does. Its a matter of keep going and knowing that you are better today than yesterday. You will never feel better than seeing a hard WOD and challenge yourself through it, beat your last time, accomplish new things, make new friends, lose weight, gain muscle, and feel powerful! Crossfit is an amazing sport and I would never change it for any other.